Moving from a custom domain on Blogger to WordPress – Purchasing a new web host

I started blogging in March 2009 on a total whim. At that point, many of the beauty bloggers who I read were on Blogger, so I made my blog on Blogger as well.  As time went by, I started noticing that some blogs had features that I didn’t have.  When I googled the feature, I kept finding that it was something supported on WordPress but not on Blogger.
To make things more complicated,  this blog has been on a custom domain since 2010. I googled “Moving from blogger to wordpress with a custom domain” and came to this walkthrough: Moving from Blogger to WordPress by Nosegraze

This blog post is my experience of moving from Blogger to WordPress with a custom domain.  I am NOT an expert – in fact, I am really not very knowledgable on this topic, and so there may be technical mistakes in this blog post.  This is just to share the struggles and mistakes that I experienced.   The walkthrough I linked to above is VERY good, so please take a look there first!


Step 1: Buy web hosting

1. I purchased web hosting on Hostgator, but there are a million and one companies that provide this service, so google the reviews and do some research.  My current custom domain was purchased through Google, which apparently you can no longer do.

2. I had the option of paying via credit card or via Paypal. I am glad I chose Paypal – you’ll see why in number 4.

3. After a while, Hostgator sent me an email with log in details:

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 14.10.59

4. Hostgator sent me an email saying I needed to verify my account before I could use it.  They requested a scanned copy of photo ID, and a scanned copy of the credit card I used in the purchasing process with all but the last 4 digits blacked out.  This is why I was glad I used Paypal!

I googled this, and found that it is pretty much standard procedure when buying web hosting, no matter the company.

5. I got a separate email from Hostgator saying my account was frozen until verified.  I had three options: call them on the phone, connect via their live chat system, or reply to that email. I chose the second option.

6. After I connected to Hostgator’s live chat, I was put on hold for 18 minutes before being connected with tech support.

7. My experience with Hostgator’s tech support was… interesting, to say the least. My conversation went something like this:

Tech support: Hello, my name is (name) and (insert textbook opening statement here)
K: I got an email saying my account was frozen, could you let me know what I should do?
Tech support: please wait while I confirm

(wait 5 minutes)

Tech support: Thank you for waiting. Please wait while I take a look at the situation.

(wait 5 minutes)
(continue this loop for 30 minutes)

8. During this endless loop of waiting, I got an email from Hostgator saying my billing address and IP are not the same. This was incredibly strange, and I even checked my IP.

9. I told tech support of this email.  His response: “Please reply to the email”  Okaaayyyy…

10. I replied to the email saying my billing address and IP were both in Japan. 5 minutes later, I got a reply saying that my account was verified.

11. Total time so far: 1hr 15 minutes  Needless to say, I left pretty bad feedback on live support…

12. After all of this, I was finally able to access the Hostgator Control Panel.


Whew, I got exhausted just typing this!  Next step: Installing WordPress!
xoxo, K

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    1. I know, this was insane! If you want to move to WordPress, I really suggest moving the blog to WordPress before buying a custom domain. The move to WordPress itself was not as frustrating!

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