Up and Down #43: May, 2014

Today is the last day of Golden Week, a period in Japan with 4 national holidays in the span of 8 days.  Depending on how the weekend falls, you can get nearly 2 weeks off of work using only a few vacation days. Golden Week is one of the top three peak times for travel in Japan, the other two being the time surrounding New Year’s Day (the most important cultural holiday in Japan), and Obon (mid-August).

I am lucky enough that I can take days off when I want to.  I usually plan my vacation nearly 6 months in advance, book my flight and my hotel, and write it into my schedule.  I really like taking vacation when no one else is on vacation and it is a huge help on my budget.  Because of this, I didn’t go anywhere far during this Golden Week, preferring instead to get stuff done at home.
On to my Ups and Downs!
My vacation in New York
Usually I start with makeup favorites, but I couldn’t resist. This was definitely the highlight of my month (and of my whole entire year so far)
(picture from my Instagram account)
(link goes to my review)
I read about these in a blog somewhere but was skeptical when I picked them up.  Cream eyeshadows tend to crease on me! Oh wow, am I glad I bought these! With a primer, I had great pigmentation and they last all day without creasing!
L’Oreal Infallible eyeshadow in Amber Rush
I picked this up because there was a lot of hype online, and I am really glad I did. It reminded me on why I love Infallible eyeshadows so much.  This pulls slightly pinkish on my eyes.
Jordana Color Tint Blush Sticks
These are fantastic! Great pigmentation, easy to blend, they stay on my skin pretty well, and they are only $3!  A review is coming up soon!
(picture from my Instagram account)
Revlon Photoready Skinlights face illuminators in Bare Light and Peach Light
I had been wanting these for a while, since I missed out when they were limited edition some summers ago, and they weren’t available in Hawaii when I was there this past winter.
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Brazilian Tan
This lipstick is part of the Rio Rush collection. Many thanks to the blogger who helped me find it!  Don’t be deceived by the color on Revlon’s website.  It looks totally brown there, but it is a pinky nude color and very much a “My Lips But Better” color for me.
Posting my Nail Of The Week (usually Sally Hansen Salon Effects) and my most used makeup products of the week on Instagram
Wow, I sound like a full-fledged beauty blogger!
(picture from my Instagram account)
All the bloggers I met up with in New York!
Thank you for spending time with me! I love meeting up with fellow bloggers when I go somewhere.  On this trip, I met Mel from Fabulously Thrifty for the first time.  Thank you for such a wonderful time, Mel, and I hope we can hang out some more in the future!
The weather has been pretty strange this month, swinging between “I need a jacket and scarf and hat” to “Can I wear shorts and a t-shirt?”.  I had a lot of misses with foundation because of this, sometimes expecting it to be hot and hence, my skin to be oily – only to have it flake and crack because of dryness… or vice versa.
How was your April?  How is the weather where you live?
xoxo, K
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