K’s Kitchen – Garlic Chives Jeon (Korean Pancake)

Jeon, or Korean pancake, is a great appetizer and goes great with beer.  However, somehow when I try to make it at home, it doesn’t taste as good as it does in a bar. Recently I found a great jeon recipe, which gives the pancake a crunchy exterior and a chewy interior.

The original recipe uses garlic chives, a common Chinese/Japanese ingredient. You can substitute them with just about any kind of vegetable or meat.

half bundle of garlic chives
1/2 onion
6 tablespoons flour
3 tablespoons potato starch (or corn starch)
1 teaspoon powdered chicken stock
pinch of salt
100ml water
sesame oil for cooking

1. Cut the garlic chives into 4-5 cm lengths.  Thinly slice the onion.
2. Mix the flour, starch, chicken stock, salt, and water, and add the vegetables.

3. Heat a frying pan and add oil.  Ladle the mixture in a thin layer and fry both sides of the pancake.
4. Cut up and serve with dipping sauce (mix soy sauce, vinegar, gochujang and sesame seeds to taste)


  • This makes a very thin batter. I needed to mix it very well right before pouring it into the frying pan.
  • Once I ladled the batter into the frying pan, I needed to spread out the vegetables evenly

The secret to crunchy jeon was to add potato starch! This was a super yummy and quick, and I plan on making more soon.

Hope you enjoyed this recipe!

xoxo, K

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