Review: The Body Shop Aloe and Soft Linen Home Fragrance Oil

It’s easy to imagine that almost every brand that does home fragrance has a floral-scented product and a fruit-scented product. What I didn’t realize is that many brands have a product that smells like clean laundry. This is a review of one such product, The Body Shop Aloe and Soft Linen Home Fragrance Oil.

What it does: (from The Body Shop website)
Fresh cotton and aloe vera provide the initial scent of the fragrance. Freesia and lily of the valley are the dominant notes of the fragrance. Our Home Fragrance Oils can be used with our stylish burners to match home decor.

Price: $6 for 10 ml

Scent: This product smells strongly of freesia.  For some reason, this smells very similar to my laundry detergent.

Availability: This product is available at The Body Shop stores and on The Body Shop website. The Body Shop is available in several countries around the world.


  • This is a very relaxing scent. 
  • The smell reminds me of the way my sheets smell.  When I use this product as I am going to bed, it helps me go to sleep quickly.


  • Like I mentioned before, this product reminds me of my laundry detergent… so maybe I should just use my laundry detergent instead of using this product?
Would I repurchase? No.  I really like the scent, but come on…
In the recent years, laundry detergents and fabric softeners imported from the US have become very popular. These products smell stronger than normal Japanese products, and therefore some Japanese products have started to focus on applying scent to your clothes rather than softening them.  I still like my less-scented Japanese products better!
xoxo, K
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