Review: Milani Shadow Eyez eyeshadow pencils – I hunted around for you

I hauled a lot of products while I was in New York. I left home with a list of things I wanted to buy, but somehow left with a lot more than I expected! I started using many of them while I was on vacation, and there were a lot of great products which have made it into my daily routine!

The Milani Shadow Eyez eyeshadow pencils were REALLY HARD for me to find.  I must have looked into at least 5 different drugstores before I found them.  I am so glad that I didn’t give up, because I really like them a lot!
I had to get the two most neutral colors – Champagne Toast (a pinky golden color), and Sand Dunes (a light taupe color).  Although the name Champagne Toast implies a light golden color, this product showed up as a light pinky color on my skin.

(Champagne Toast on the right, Sand Dunes on the left)

On my eyelids, Champagne Toast was much more pigmented than Sand Dunes. Both products are shimmery, although there are some other colors which are matte.

What it does: (from the Milani website)

Big and blendable 2-in-1 color rich pencil that can be used as shadow or liner. Creamy smooth, long-lasting, water-resistant, crease-proof and paraben-free formula. The next generation of shadows that you sharpen.

Price: Will vary, around $7

Availability: Milani products are available at CVS and Walgreens. However, I found that some stores do not carry all or some Milani products.


  • The pigmentation, especially of Champagne Toast, is great
  • If I wear a primer, these eyeshadows last all day and do not crease. This is really surprising considering most eyeshadows crease on me.


  • If you don’t like eyeshadow pencils, this product may not work for you.
  • The color range is limited
Would I repurchase? Yes, in fact, I regret not buying more!
This product was well worth the hunting around that I did for them. I am sure that I will get a lot of use out of these colors!  
Hope you enjoyed this review!
xoxo, K
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