Up and Down #41: March, 2014

What is going on with the weather recently? We had major snow in Japan twice in February, causing a lot of public transportation to stop as well as accidents in general. There were even some small villages which got cut off from the rest of Japan because the main roads got blocked!  The weather warmed up a little last week, but it is supposed to get freezing cold again this week.

But..it’s March! Sakura season is supposed to start in late March! All the spring stuff is supposed to start from March!!!


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I went back to using this foundation this month because my skin got too dry for the Estee Lauder Double Wear that I had been loving.  It is still a little cakey around my nose which, surprisingly, is one of my oiliest areas.

Dejavu Lasting Fine R Pencil eyeliner
I had been looking for a dark brown pencil eyeliner and I love this! It goes on smoothly and REALLY does not budge.  A review is coming up soon!
Urban Decay Naked 3 palette
I am really quite loving this palette this month. The great thing about owning such a popular palette is that there are so many tutorials online to help me come up with new looks! 

MAC Naked Lunch eyeshadow
I need an inner corner highlight when I use the Naked 3 palette because the two shades which are included in the palette are either too matte (Strange) or too glittery (Dust). Naked Lunch is a good medium!
I stopped using face powder for the first time in my life!
I am always oily around my nose, but somehow, I have recently also been getting fine lines in that area.  Powder makes these lines more visible, so I have given up wearing face powder.  My base makeup looks better now!

How was your February?  Are the seasons changing where you live?

xoxo, K

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