Review: Lush Prince Charming Shower Gel

What is going on with the weather this year?  It is getting a little warmer where I live, but it snowed near by just last week! I keep thinking I need to buy a new spring coat, but I wonder how long I’ll be able to use it this year since it’s still kind of cold for a spring coat, but it should be really warm soon!

With the spring weather comes the limited edition products from just about every beauty brand. I have warmed up to the color pink in the recent years, even though I never wore any pink clothes in the past. The color actually looks pretty good on me!

This is a review of another pink product, the Lush Prince Charming shower gel. This was a limited edition product for Valentines Day in many countries, but in Japan it has been marketed as a spring product.

What it does: (from the Lush website)
Lather up in our brand new, limited edition shower gel! Fresh pomegranate juice and grapefruit oil cleanse the skin while their bright, energetic scents help wake you up on early mornings. Add to that a blend of Fair Trade vanilla pod infusion, skin-softening marshmallow root and almond oil, and you’re in for royally soft, moisturized skin all over. The fragrance was made especially for this product and we think it’s an instant classic. Prince Charming is bound to sweep you off your feet!

Price: $9.95/3.3 oz in the US, 1000 JPY/100g in Japan.

Scent: This product smells very similar to grapefruit, but with a fruitier, sweeter scent which reduces the sharpness of the citrus scent.

Availability: Lush products can be found in Lush stores, and is available in several countries worldwide.


  • I love the scent! It makes me think of the fresh smell of spring.
  • This product is fairly thick and has a good lather


  • I tried this product as a shampoo as well, which was suggested to me by the sales associate. Unfortunately, I found that it made my scalp itch, which was cured after I switched back to my original shampoo.

Would I repurchase?:  Maybe. I love the scent and I am so happy to see a new limited edition shower gel!

Hope you enjoyed my review!

xoxo, K

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