Empties Oct-Dec 2013

Since coming back to Japan in August, I have made an effort to use up the products in my stash. I’m finally down to one backup for my lotion!  Here are the products I used up between October and December.
Skinfood Peach Sake Silky Finish Powder (link goes to my review from wow, 2009)
This is one of my favorite finishing powders. It is a silica powder with a soft peachy scent.
(link goes to my review)
This is not a full sized product, but it lasted me a month!
(link goes to my review)
One of my all-time favorite face washes! I love how it gently exfoliates my skin, I love the lather, and I loooovveee the scent.
And to prove to you how much I love this, here is another empty tube of the same product. This one is a travel size.
(link goes to my review)
This was a surprisingly nice scent for me.  It was less sweet than other vanilla scented products I have used in the past. As always, the travel size lasted me over a month.
(link goes to my review)
Unfortunately, this is one of the few products on this list which didn’t work for me. It made my scalp itchy, which is the biggest deal breaker for me in a shampoo.
(link goes to my review)
This is one of the Bath and Body Works sets that I found in my stash after coming back to Japan. I thought the scent was too sweet for me, but it grew on me after a while. I should try to find a candle with this scent.
(link goes to my review)
I loved this scent. I really wanted a home fragrance with this scent – Bath and Body Works needs to release one soon!
Bath and Body Works Sensual Amber shower gel and body lotion
I liked this scent a lot, and I didn’t notice that I hadn’t written a review until I tried to find a link for this post. I thought I had written one a long time ago.
On a different note, I can tell from the background that I took this picture on the balcony of my hotel room in Hawaii.  I had such a great time and I want to go back SO SOON.

Wow, I used up 4 different pairs of Bath and Body Works products. The travel sized bottles last me about a month, which is the perfect length for me so that I don’t get bored of the scent. I still have several bottles left in my stash, which I want to try to use up soon!

xoxo, K

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