Welcome to… Waikiki, Hawaii

I had such a great time during my vacation to Hawaii in December!  Hawaii is an extremely popular vacation destination in Japan, and I have also been there many times. It is a great place to enjoy Scuba diving, one of my favorite activities.

The view of the ocean from Waikiki Beach as the sun was setting

 When people think of Hawaii, many people think of Waikiki Beach.  It is the central tourist area of Oahu Island, and is well maintained.  Many people feel it is a very touristy place, but hey, there are a lot of great things about it being so touristy as well.

This view of the sunset with a palm tree is so Hawaii…

Apparently Waikiki Beach is cleaned every night to get rid of litter. This is definitely helping the beach to stay beautiful, but I wish it wasn’t necessary. I also picked up several pieces of trash in the ocean as I was diving. 
An iconic statue of Duke Kahanamoku on Waikiki Beach. He is credited with helping surfing to become a mainstream sport.
Next up: My hike up Diamond Head!
xoxo, K
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