Welcome to… Diamond Head, Hawaii

Although I have been to Hawaii many, many times, I realized that I have never been to Diamond Head! Diamond Head State Monument is a Hawaii State Park located at the East end of Waikiki.  It was created by the eruption of a volcano, and the resulting mountain/crater is often seen in “typical” views of Waikiki.

The view from the top of Diamond Head was spectacular! The weather was great, and I had a great view of both Waikiki and of the ocean.

Diamond Head can be reached from Waikiki using TheBus. Diamond Head is near Kapiolani Community College, and there are several bus lines going there. Of course, you can also take a taxi or drive there, although the buses that go through Waikiki are well maintained.

You can see the trail in the picture above. It is not that tough a walk, but I recommend wearing sneakers.  I saw some people walking up wearing sandles or heels, and I was amazed that it was possible!   I did see some people that needed to take frequent breaks. I walk about an hour every day, but if you don’t normally walk around, be sure to take it easy.

The admission to Diamond Head State Monument is an astounding $1 per person, or $5 per car.  I would probably walk here every week if I lived near here!  Be sure to wear sunscreen and bring lots of water!
xoxo, K

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