Review: Lush Rose Jam shower gel

As long time readers of this blog know, I try out a lot of Lush products. When I browse my nearby Lush store, the sales associate asks me, “Have you tried this product before?”.  Usually, the answer is “Yes, and here is what I thought about it.”   Lush has been the number one brand reviewed on this blog for 3 consecutive years!

To add another Lush review to my blog, here is a review of the Lush Rose Jam shower gel.

What it does: (from the Lush UK website)
With a vanilla pod infusion, goji berry juice and vitamin rich, nourishing argan oil, this shower gel is truly indulgent. People who love Rose Jam Bubbleroon and Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner will love this too as we use the same floral, fruity-smelling combination of Turkish rose absolute and geranium oil.

Price: $10.95 for 3.3 oz

Scent: Lush has described this as Snow Fairy‘s older sister (link goes to my review in… 2011. Let me start off by saying this has a really sweet scent. When I drafted this review, I called it “Strawberry Jam” by accident! While I know I am smelling roses, somehow I can only describe this as a fruity scent.

Availability: Lush products are available at Lush stores and online. Your country’s Lush may or may not sell products online, but Lush UK ships internationally.


  • I liked the scent. Somehow, it reminds me of the holiday season.
  • This scent lasts in my bathroom but not on my skin (I personally don’t like the scents of my bath products to linger on my skin)
  • This is one of Lush’s thinner shower gels, making it easier to use.


  • I realize that not everyone likes rose scents, since they trigger headaches in some people
Would I repurchase? No. This is a nice product, but I feel that the scent is dupable. On the other hand, Lush is proud of their rose scents, so perhaps it is more complex than I realize!
Hope you enjoyed this review!
xoxo, K
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