Review: Bath and Body Works Snow Day candle

Every time I go to the US, I like to shop at Bath and Body Works. The last time I went to Hawaii, there were no Bath and Body Works stores open yet in the state. I was excited to learn that a new store had opened up within the last 2 years!

This is a review of one of the candles I bought, a mini candle in Snow Day.

What it does: (from the Bath and Body Works website)
A bright and joyful blend of spruce branches, peppermint and sweet vanilla that captures the fun adventures of a snow-filled day

Bath and Body Works candles are $20 for the 3-wick candles (14.5 oz, lasts 25-45 hrs), $10 for the small candles (4 oz, lasts 20-30 hrs), $4.50 for the mini candles (1.3 oz, lasts 10-15 hrs).  I often buy mini candles of scents that I am not sure if I will like, so that I can try them out before committing to a scent.

This is a very sweet scent. I smell a lot of vanilla, and only a hint of spruce or peppermint. To me, this smells more like a cake with peppermint frosting.

Bath and Body Works products are available at Bath and Body Works shops, which are often found in shopping malls in the US. Surprisingly, I found a shop in Poland!


  • I really like that this candle burns clean. Recently, I bought a candle from a different brand, and the wick would drown in the wax after a few hours. 
  • I like the scent, although I am not sure I would commit to a larger candle.
  • Candles do not burn evenly unless they are left to burn until the entire top layer melts. Because I can’t leave candles burning for 2-3 hours continuously, the mini size is the perfect size for me. 


  • This is really a sweet scent, and lingers for a long time. I burned this candle in my apartment for an hour, then extinguished it. I left my apartment for 2 hours, but the scent was still there when I came back.  If you live in a small apartment like me, this may or may not be a good thing.
  • Be careful of fire! 
Would I repurchase?  Maybe. I liked the scent as a nice change from the woody fresh scents that I typically purchase, but I think it only works in the winter.  I am glad that I bought the smallest size!

I’ve bought so many shower gels and body lotions from Bath and Body Works that recently I am more into candles. I’ve also been into trying out candles and home fragrances from other brands as well. Hopefully I can review more soon!

Any home fragrances or candles that you recommend?

xoxo, K

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