Up and Down #39: December, 2013

I’m late with this month’s favorites, I know!  

Sally Hansen nail strips + gel topcoat
(picture from my instagram)
I put a gel topcoat on top of Sally Hansen nail strips, and got almost no chips! This was the easiest way of doing my nails so far.  Loved it!
Wow, I named this in my Ups and Downs for 3 consecutive months!  I am very close to using this up. This is the first time that I have used up a foundation because I like it so much. Usually, when I use up a foundation, it is because I either only have one foundation that works for me, or because I just want to get rid of it!
Kiko eyeliner in Dark Brown
Kiko is an Italian brand that I picked up when I went there on a business trip this past summer. This is a great eyeliner – soft enough to smudge, but hard enough that it doesn’t transfer. 
Uniqlo Warm Easy cargo pants
(picture from the Uniqlo website)
These are lined with fleece. Wonderful for the cold days!
Had a few guys over to my apartment and got rave reviews on my Kinpira Gobo
I also got advice that I should post pictures of what I cook on Facebook “because I’m sure people will be falling all over you to ask you out!!” 
the weather
I do not like how cold it has gotten recently! Fortunately, by the time this post goes up, I will be in Hawaii enjoying the sun!
Hope you had a great month!
xoxo, K
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