Review: Lush Orange Jelly Soap – soap and shower jelly in one

One of the first Lush products I ever used was one of their shower jellies. Shower jellies are shower gels in jello form. It was the first time I tried a product like it, and it was quite interesting.  In this year’s Lush winter collection, there is a soap which has a layer of shower jelly on top!  This is a review of the Lush Orange Jelly soap, called Bright Jelly soap (ブライトジェリーソープ) in Japan.

What it does: (from the Lush UK website)
This soap is orange, pure and simple. It has freshly squeezed orange juice, Brazilian orange oil and even fresh slices of the stuff preserved in the top layer of carrageenan jelly.

This product smells like oranges. Lush does a pretty good job with their citrus scents, being realistic without smelling like kitchen cleanser.

Price: 3.40 GBP/100g, $6.95/3.5oz, 600 JPY/100g


  • I like the scent. It is fresh without being sharp.


  • I felt that this soap cleanses too well for a winter soap. I need to use a very heavy moisturizer afterwards.
  • While the concept is interesting, I didn’t like the execution of combining soap with shower jellies. When I rubbed the soap against my washcloth, it was hard to combine the soap and jelly.
  • There is a layer of white stuff between the two which you can see in the first picture. This part does not melt evenly.
  • Why does Lush put fruit into its products? This product had a slice of preserved orange in it… which is just weird to me. I felt the same about the cherry in the Lush Summer Pudding soap.

Would I repurchase? No. It’s a good soap, it just doesn’t work for me in the winter.

Unfortunately, my first product of this year’s Lush holiday selection didn’t work out for me!  I have reviewed several other Lush seasonal products before, which you can find on my Past Reviews page.

Hope you enjoyed this review!

xoxo, K

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