Review: Lush Squeaky Green Solid Shampoo – the most popular solid shampoo in Kobe???

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This is a review of the Lush Squeaky Green solid shampoo. When I went to the Lush store, the sales associate told me that this is their most popular solid shampoo!  I have purchased a few of the Lush solid shampoos before, and I have previously done a review of Lush Godiva before as well.

In Japan, this product is called 柊の贈りもの (Hiiragi no okurimono, “the gift of hollys”).

What it does: (from the Lush UK website)
Nettle is great for the scalp and gives shine to the hair. Rosemary is antiseptic and a great hair and scalp tonic. Peppermint is great for stimulating the scalp and increasing blood flow to the roots, whilst tea tree is antimicrobal and will help with any dandruff. The beautiful green herby fragrance will last on your hair for hours. We wanted this to be a back to basic bar that had the best of nature in here – because if we look after Mother Nature, she will look after us. 

Price: 5.50GBP, 850 JPY, 11.95USD.  Interestingly enough, with the current exchange rate, this product is cheaper in Japan than in the UK. It is nearly 40% more expensive in the US than in Japan!

Scent: this product smells like Lush stores.  It has that herbally scent that you can smell from Lush stores 100 feet away.


  • This product left my hair feeling soft and my scalp feeling clean


  • This product is full of herbal bits, and hurts my hands when I try to lather with it! (I know some people rub the shampoo bar directly on their hair. I find that I get too much product in my hair if I do that)

Notes about Lush solid shampoos:

  • Lush solid shampoos have a lot of air incorporated in them. They contain less product than soaps of the same size.
  • They melt very quickly in warm or damp environments.
  • This product lasted me 35 days. Compared with bottled shampoos, they do not last very long. (Lush says that they last as much as 3 medium sized bottles, which is not the case for me)
  • Solid shampoos in general are a little difficult to use. I like to rub them in my hands and then rub the lather into my hair. 

Would I repurchase?  No. While this isn’t a bad product, I don’t really like the execution. I felt like I was rubbing a ball of twigs in my hands every time I tried to get lather with this product.

Hope you enjoyed this review!

xoxo, K

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