I hauled at Lush UK…

Yes, I know… I’m supposed to be using my stash.  But um… I caved.

I hauled some stuff from Lush UK.

(deep breath)

Lush stuff is cheaper in the UK, and can be bought online. The trade off is that the shipping is INCREDIBLY expensive. Still, there are products which are less than half the price in the UK when compared to other countries. There are also products which are only available in the UK. Anyway, on to my haul!

Let the Good Times Roll cleanser

Rose Jam shower gel

Slammer shower gel
Sonic Death Monkey shower gel

Gentle Lentil solid shampoo 

Banana Moon soap

Orange Jelly hand and body soap

Queen of Hearts soap

Reincarnate solid shampoo

Pineapple Grunt soap

Reviews coming soon!

xoxo, K

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