The result of 3 years abroad…

During the 3 years that I lived abroad, I bought a lot of stuff each time I came back to Japan. Many Japanese things are available in China and in Indonesia, but since I wasn’t able to get stuff sent to me, I always bought certain things each time I was in Japan. Now that I’m back in Japan, I realize that I have hoarded a lot of stuff… and I’m not talking about makeup!

This is a picture of a shelf in my bathroom. I have a TON of cotton that I brought abroad!  You can see 2 rows of 3-4 bags each in this picture, but there are actually 2 more rows behind them.  Each bag contains a box of cotton, which is about 1.5 months’ worth.  That is more than 2 years’ worth of cotton!
This is another shelf in my bathroom. You can see multiple refill pouches of lotion, toothbrushes, contact lens solution, and razors.  These are also things which I brought abroad with me.
Like many other beauty lovers, I have more eyeshadows and blushes than I can use, and many of the colors are very similar. However, the amount of skin care backups that you can see in these pictures is excessive! These are all staples in my skin care routine, but still… Hopefully I’ll be able to get through these soon!
xoxo, K
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