Welcome to Abruzzo, Italy

I posted recently about going on a business trip to Europe. I first went to a small area of Italy called Abruzzo, around 200 km from Rome, on the Adriatic Sea.

Summer is definitely the best time of the year to visit Europe!  The days were incredibly long – with sunset nearly 9 PM.
Before I went to Italy, I headed to the blog Beautiful With Brains.  It is one of my favorite blogs, and Giorgia   is from Italy!
On some of her previous blog posts, she has recommended a store called Limoni and a brand called Kiko.  I found both of them near my hotel.  I bought quite a few things at Kiko, which I will review soon!
Oh, and of course I ate a lot of delicious things! (all pictures are from my Instagram account)
Caprese – so simple, so good.
I got lemon and cream, which was incredibly simple and REALLY delicious.
I ate more prosciutto, pasta, and cheese than I should.  This part of Italy still observes Siesta, and most stores were closed between 1 and 4 PM. Perhaps because of this, people eat dinner at like 9 PM here!
The best part of Italy?  All the Italian men got my food, poured my drinks, and made me comfortable in every possible way!  This was such a big shock to me, since these are things that Japanese society expects women to do for me. No wonder Italian men are popular!
I had a great time on this trip, and although it was for work, it was a nice break from my normal routine.  Next stop – Warsaw, Poland!
xoxo, K
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