Up and Down #34: June, 2013

This past month was… rushed. Guess what I’m fighting with now? My landlord is not giving me my utility bills!  In what world do I need to ask to get billed for my utilities?  I am a little scared that my utilities are going to be cut off!

On to my Ups and Downs!


Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Energy Orange Ginger Lotion & Shower Gel 
I am absolutely in love with this scent!  It is not so sweet, with a citrus scent that is not sharp. I am looking forward to buying some more when I go to the US.
A review is coming up. Until then, please take a look at my review of some products from the same line.

(link goes to the review)
I am loving BB creams for the hot, humid weather we have in Jakarta. This is a local product that I reviewed recently. 
green smoothies
I usually have a green smoothie each morning for breakfast, and even sometimes for dinner. I am taking full advantage of living in a tropical country with abundant fruit! (picture from my instagram account)


OMG I am sooooo busy.

I know I’m often busy… I work long hours regularly. But now, I am busy in a different way. Since I don’t have a successor for my work in Jakarta, my boss is trying to get me to finish some things. I think he knows that unless I finish them, no one is going to.  At the same time, I have emails from my new job as well!  I need a break!!

How has your May been?

xoxo, K

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