Review: Rohto Shirocha Sengan Facial Cleanser – makes fabulous lather

(Purchased product)

Although I used to religiously purchase facial cleansers, I stopped buying them while I was in China. However, this product caught my eye the last time I was in Japan.

This is a review of the Rohto Shirocha Sengan facial cleanser (白茶洗顔). “Shirocha” is Japanese for white tea. “Sengan” means “to wash your face”. This product is available in a tube, as a solid soap, and as a mousse. The mousse form is in a can, similar to a bottle of hair mousse. Rohto is a major Japanese brand,  mostly famous in the beauty blogger community for eye drops.

This product is supposed to brighten your complexion by increasing cell turnover. The commercials also talk a lot about how much this product foams up, creating mounds of creamy lather.

(The picture makes the tube look almost white, but it is actually light green)

What it does: (from Rohto’s website)
We created a product with creamy lather to gently surround your skin. It is easy to make thick, creamy lather with this product. The firm lather will wash off old skin cells and dirt, without leaving skin feeling tight. Although this product is thick and creamy when washing, it will rinse clean.

Where to purchase: This product is widely available at Japanese drugstores.

Price: Retails for 525 JPY (around $5)

Scent: This product smells faintly of green tea


  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE how easy it is to create lather with this product. As usual, I use a face wash net to make the lather quickly and easily.
  • The lather is really thick and creamy! It felt like I was washing my face with whipped cream.
  • Because this product makes lather easily, I can use very little product each time. I probably use less than half the amount I use with other facial cleansers
  • I love that I can rinse this product off of my face easily, and it does not leave a film or residue on my face


  • Despite the claims, this does leave my skin feeling slightly tight. This can be counteracted by moisturizing quickly.

Would I repurchase? Yes, I liked how much lather I could create!

The Rohto website shows that you can do a “mousse facial mask” with the mousse version of this product. I’m not clear on why I couldn’t do the same with this product. But be careful – leaving cleanser on your skin, or massaging with it, will increase the cleansing properties. It could make your skin dry out. This is different from the bubble face mask I reviewed before, since that product was not a cleanser.

Hope you enjoyed this review!

xoxo, K

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