Review: Lush Roots Scalp Cream – a minty scalp treatment

(Purchased product)

I have a ton of hair but it tends to fall flat. I don’t really like using hair products on my roots since they often irritate my scalp. I was pretty interested to try this product which claims to add body to fine hair.

This product is called “Genjitsu Tohi” (現実頭皮) in Japan.  This is a funny pun – the characters mean “Real Scalp”, and it is also a homonym for “現実逃避” (“Running away from reality”).

What it does: (from the Lush UK website)
A stimulating treatment for people with thin or fine hair. Fine hair needs careful looking after – and this treatment is packed full of ingredients to revitalise from root to tip. Starting with three kinds of mint to stimulate the scalp and hair follicles, olive oil to give condition and strength, honey to soften and soothe and nettle absolute for shine. We’ve topped this off with a delicate perfume containing sweet orange oil, neroli and grapefruit oil all known to be cheerful and uplifting. Together these are the foundations to build great hair.

How to use:
Apply the product to the scalp when the hair is dry, then leave it on for 20-30 minutes before shampooing it out.  The Lush website suggests using 1/4 of the pot for short hair and 1/2 of the pot for longer hair.  I used much less than that.

Price: 9.95 GBP/225g, $19.95/8.4oz, 1880JPY/225g.  This is in Lush’s big black pots. I really wish Lush would come out with small sizes of all of their products. It is hard to drop $20 for a product you have never tried!


  • This product leaves a minty feel on your scalp and is quite refreshing
  • This product left my hair feeling very soft and clean


  • This product is a really thick cream. It was really hard to apply it on to my scalp.  I like to dampen my hair before applying this product, which helps make the application smoother.
  • This product is relatively expensive, so I only used it on my scalp.  
Would I repurchase? Maybe.  At the UK price of 10GBP, I think this is a great product for the price. At the Japan/US price, it seems a little expensive for what it does.
I purchased this product in a haul from the Lush UK website. I strongly suggest that if you want to try out a bunch of Lush products, especially their products in black tubs, order them off of the Lush UK website. When I was in a Lush store in the US, the sales associate even told me that it is much cheaper to buy these products from the Lush UK website!
Hope you enjoyed my review!
xoxo, K
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