Review: Bourjois Bio Detox Organic Foundation – a “natural” foundation

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I’ve posted Weekly Reads in the past about whether a product that labels itself as “natural” is really worth it. I am personally not a big fan of it, as I believe the word is a little overhyped.  The Bourjois Bio Detox Organic Foundation was my chance to see how a “natural” foundation worked.

I have this product in the color 53 Beige Clair / Light Beige. It is a little too dark for my NC20-25 skin, but the next color lighter (52 Vanilla) looks to be too pink for me.

Apologies for the beaten up bottle.  I did not think to take a picture of this product until after I had been using it for nearly 6 months!

What it does: (from the bottle)
Fresh & Even complexion. Detoxified skin.  Ecocert organic cosmetic.  Contains Chlorophyll, brings oxygen & filters pollution.

Ecocert is an organization which certifies natural and organic cosmetics. According to the website, the Ecocert Organic Cosmetics label certifies that “a minimum of 95% of all plant-based ingredients in the formula and a minimum of 10% of all ingredients by weight must come from organic farming”. This sounds nice, but I am not sure what good it does for my skin. Also, I was skeptical about the claim that it contains chlorophyll. How could chlorophyll help my skin?

Where to purchase: This product can be found in Boots, Superdrug, and other drugstores in the UK

Price:  Around 11 GBP (approximately $17 USD) for 30 ml/1fl oz on  This may seem pricey compared to US drugstore prices. After browsing the Boots website to compare the prices with other drugstore brands, Rimmel seems to be significantly cheaper, and Revlon seems to be more expensive.

Heavy plastic bottle with cap and pump. The pump is not air tight, and the product clogged in the nozzle, although the blockage could be pumped out.  I liked the packaging, and will probably keep it to use with other foundations that do not come with a pump.


  • I liked the packaging
  • This product did not break me out, and was easily removed at night.


  • This product was extremely hard to blend. Apparently, this product does not contain silicones, which is good for people who are allergic to them, but which makes the product harder to blend. I needed to apply a small bit at a time and work quickly to blend it.
  • This product does not last long on my skin. 
  • This product just didn’t “work” well. When I tried it in cold weather, it wouldn’t blend properly. When I tried it in hot weather, it just doesn’t last on my skin.  

Would I repurchase? No. I would recommend this product only if you are allergic to silicone, or if you are really looking for a natural product.  Even in those cases, I am pretty sure that there are indy brands which are better.

Unfortunately, this product did not work for me.  I will probably still use this up.  If you are interested in trying out this product, I would strongly recommend using a buffing brush. A traditional foundation brush left streaks, and this product does not blend well enough with a stippling brush.

Hope you enjoyed this review!

xoxo, K

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4 thoughts on “Review: Bourjois Bio Detox Organic Foundation – a “natural” foundation”

  1. that sucks that it’s hard to blend, did you try using your fingers so the warmth helps it to melt? i wonder if something like a beauty blender would make it a little easier since the sponge is moist. I heard good things about the original bourguis foundation but haven’t had a chance to try yet.

    1. Warmth is not a major issue here – it’s over 25 deg C all the time. But you are right, it was even harder to use in the winter in Japan!

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