Review: Mustika Ratu Mundisari peeling mask

(purchased product)

After purchasing and reviewing the Mustika Ratu Bengkoang mask, I was interested to try out some other local Indonesian beauty products. This is another mask I purchased from the same line.

What it does: (from the package)
Helps to cleanse and exfoliate dead skin cells. With Murraya exotica leaves extract that helps soften the skin, while its fenugreek extract and curcuma heyneana powder help exfoliate dead skin cells and dirt off the skin.
All of these are herbs that are regularly used in Indonesia. Curcuma Heyneana refers to tumeric.

Price: Less than 1 USD

Where to purchase: I found this in several large supermarkets in Jakarta

This is usually where I write the pros and cons of this product. To be honest, I really did not like this product as it was too harsh for my skin. The instructions say to mix the powder inside this sachet with water, apply the paste to my skin, wait for it to dry slightly and rub it off. I followed the instructions and felt as if I was rubbing sand into my skin! I also tried washing it off, but it didn’t do anything for my skin that way. Even as I was applying the paste to my skin, I felt it was too harsh. It was no surprise to me that when I finished washing my face, it was bright red!

Apparently, there is a similarly named product from this line, which is in a tube form. The reviews from Indonesian beauty bloggers aren’t bad for the tube form, so I hope I can try it out.

Would I repurchase: No.  There are definitely better peels out there.

I’m a bit disappointed that I didn’t find another wonderful product, but I’m sure that they are out there. Please recommend any local Indonesian products that I should try!

Hope you enjoyed this review!

xoxo, K

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