Review: Lush Daddy-O Shampoo – the purple shampoo

(purchased product)

This is a review for the Lush Daddy-O shampoo. This is a purple-tinted shampoo which claims to keep away brassiness in blonde hair. Now, I don’t have blonde hair – so why did I purchase this shampoo?

The truth is that when I bought this, I didn’t know it was for blonde hair. I also didn’t know it was a tinted product!  The “purple tint to keep away brassiness in blondes” claim is clearly stated on the UK version of this product, but not on the Japanese version. I suppose it is because there are less blondes in Japan, but I think people need to know that this is a tinted product!

The Japanese product is called “Sexual Violet No.14”, probably after a popular 1970s song called “Sexual Violet No.1” by the Japanese singer Masahiro Kuwana.

What it does: (from the UK bottle)
A purple shampoo to keep blondes from going brassy. Violet and fresh lemons work beautifully together to keep grey and blonde hair bright and shiny (and it works just as well for brunettes too!)
The claim on the Japanese bottle basically omits the first sentence, mentioning that this shampoo will keep hair looking shiny and smelling fresh.

Price: 4.95GBP/100g in the UK, 900JPY/100g in Japan, and $9.95/3.3oz in the US

Where to purchase:  Lush products are available in Lush stores, and Lush Online.

Scent: This product smells like a mixture of floral scents, lemon, and herbs.


  • On the bottle of the Japanese product, it mentions that this product is formulated for normal to oily hair. This product does a good job of removing oils from the scalp.
  • This product rinsed clean and did not make my scalp itch
  • A sparkly dark purple shampoo is fun!


  • I think I have a pretty oily scalp, and I live in a humid country. Yet, I felt that this product stripped too many oils from my hair and scalp
  • The purple in this product will stain. After I got some on a towel, I could not rinse the color out until I washed it in the washing machine.

Would I repurchase?  No. I don’t know how well this product works to keep away brassiness, but it left my hair too dry.
Unfortunately, this product did not work well for me. I’m not sure that this product should have been released in Japan since the main claim does not work for a large population in Japan. Leaving the claim about the purpleness out felt like misleading to me.
Hope you enjoyed this review!
xoxo, K
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