Review: Lush Cynthia Sylvia Stout Beer Shampoo – better than expected!

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When I was in junior high school, I heard somewhere that beer could lighten my hair color. One night that my parents were away, I cracked open a can – not to drink, but to get a coveted lighter hair color. Unfortunately, not only did my hair color not change, but the combination of the steaming bathroom and the beer made me feel kind of sick!

Another story on beer –
I never liked beer when I was in college. I found it bitter and gross. Then one day, I went to a dinner party at a professor’s house.  One of the younger professors had a “beer tasting” going on – no, seriously. He had brought around 20 different types of beer, and offered me a little sip in cup. “Try all of them”, he said, “you’re bound to like one of them.”  I did find one that I liked, an imported berry-based beer which I don’t remember the name of.  And um, it started my love of beer.

When I picked up the Lush Lhune shampoo, as it is called in Japan, I didn’t realize the primary ingredient was beer. I only realized it when I started doing some research online to prepare for this review!

This is a review of the Lush Cynthia Sylvia Stout Beer Shampoo.  No wonder Lush Japan decided to name it something different! Lhune is the Gaelic word for beer.

What it does: (from Lush Online)
This shampoo is drunk with success.  Bottoms up, to taming fluffy frizzy hair.  It’s been known for hundreds of years that rinsing hair with beer will give it shine and volume. So half of this bottle is filled with beer, whilst the other half has lots of other clever ingredients to help the process.

Where to purchase: This product is available in Lush online and in Lush stores

4.40 GBP/100g in the UK, $9.95/3.3oz in the US, 680 JPY/100g in Japan.  Wow, this is expensive in the US!

Lush says that they added lemongrass and cognac oil to mask the scent of beer. The product smells faintly of stout, and is very herbally without being sweet. For me, it was a nice change from the typical floral scents in Japanese shampoos.


  • This product did make my hair very smooth, without being full of silicone like most Japanese shampoos
  • This product did not make my scalp itchy
  • I personally liked the scent, especially since it didn’t linger in my hair


  • Personally, I feel this is a no-frills shampoo. I liked it a lot, but you may want more from your shampoo
Would I repurchase?  Yes. I really liked this shampoo! This will probably be the shampoo that I go back to from time to time.
Writing this review made me want a good stout! Local beers in southern Asia tend to be very light.  They fit well to the hot and humid climate here, but I think I want to go find a good stout now…
Hope you enjoyed this review!
xoxo, K
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