Up and Down #31: February, 2013

I’m finally back in Jakarta for good! Immigration into Indonesia is a painful process – even more so than to China. I won’t go into details, but it involved multiple documents, multiple waiting periods with the government, and I was never sure when I would be able to move.  I still don’t have an apartment, which is another painful process!  I hope it settles down soon.

On to my Ups and Downs!


(picture from the Sephora website)
Previously, I used this brush to blend out concealer in my undereye area. Recently, I have used this to “push” concealer into my dark circles, which seems to be working better for me.
Really spicy ginger tea
(picture from Amazon.co.jp)
This brand is my favorite, and it is very spicy!!
Hitting pan on a blush
Exciting for any beauty blogger, right? I am quite sure that the blush will still last me another 6 months, though.
Living in a hotel
It may sound luxurious, but it definitely isn’t. I lived for 3 months in a hotel when I first moved to China, and it was extremely tiring. The wifi here is almost non-existent, which is also why I haven’t been very active on twitter or instagram lately.
Not being in a settled routine
…which is also why I haven’t been able to put much energy into blogging.
Hope things get better for me soon!
xoxo, K
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