Review: Suisai Beauty Clear Powder A – a facial cleanser to help with skin turnover

This is a review for the Suisai Beauty Clear Powder A. This is a facial powder cleanser. Suisai is a brand owned by Kanebo, a major Japanese cosmetics company.

Suisai is a line designed for women in their mid-30s, targeted to improve skin clarity and elasticity. Most of their products consist of whitening or moisturizing products.

Although I was very rigorous about sun protection, my skin did get some sun damage this summer, making it a little dry and rough. I was interested in this product because it claimed to help cell turnover, improving clarity and smoothness of the skin. 

What it does: (from Kanebo’s website)
Cleans and prevents build up in pores to develop smooth skin.
Contains protease to break down proteins, and lipase to break down sebum.

Price: 32 capsules for 2100 JPY. Each capsule contains 0.4g. There is also a trial size of 15 capsules for 1000 JPY.

Note: Using a face wash net will give you great lather!


  • This really made my skin smoother!
  • My skin did not become overly dry with this product
  • This product lathered well with a face wash net


  • Slightly expensive, although I can usually find this for cheaper at my local drug store
  • Since the product is contained in single-use capsules, it generates a lot of garbage

Would I repurchase?  Yes. I liked the product but I want to try more products from this line.

How have you been recovering from sun damage? Hope you enjoyed this review!

xoxo, K

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