Review: Muji Okinawan mixed rice

One of the things I like about Muji food is that they have kits to let you try out fairly rare food. I recently tried their Jushi set.

Jushi (sometimes spelled “Juicy”) is the Okinawan version of mixed rice. It is similar to Takikomi Gohan (炊き込みご飯), a mainland Japanese dish with various ingredients cooked together with rice.

Price:  263 yen
Instructions: This one is simple – simply mix with cooked rice.

What I thought:

  • Most Takikomi Gohan dishes use fish-based broths, but this had a pork flavoring to it which was not what I expected
  • This was super easy to make, but it was not easy to ensure that everything was mixed evenly

Would I repurchase? No. Unfortunately, this was not to my liking. I’m glad I tried it out in this way since it would have been shocking if I didn’t like the dish after spending lots of effort in making it.  I will try out other sets from Muji soon!

Hope you enjoyed this review!

xoxo, K

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