Welcome to Chion-in Temple – with Jamilla Camel

While in Kyoto, Jamilla and I also visited Chion-in Temple.

Chion-in Temple (知恩院) is head temple of Jodo-shu, the most commonly practiced branch of Bhuddism in Japan. The original temple was built in the 13th century, but most of the buildings which survive to this day were built in the 17th century.

There is about a 5 minute walk from the entrance of the temple, to Sanmon, the main gate… and then another long climb up some steps to get to the temple itself. Sightseeing in Japan is not for people who cannot walk!
Sanmon Gate is one of the National Treasures of Japan. 
(This is the umpteenth time that I mention that something is a National Treasure, but to be fair – many of them are located in Kyoto)

One of the things I love about Kyoto is that it is a great mix of urban city life and traditional scenery. You can see modern buildings in the background.

The temple itself is under renovation until 2014. It was quite beautiful and there were many tourists there to see the buildings and scenery.

Hope you enjoyed this trip to Chion-in Temple in Kyoto, Japan!

xoxo, K

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