Review: Seabreeze Deo + Water Deodorant – a staple!

This is a review for the Seabreeze Deo + Water Deodorant. This product is a favorite of mine, and I have featured it on my blog before – most notably in last year’s “Products I’m Using Now” post.

It was very hard for me to get information about the Seabreeze brand. Although the English Wikipedia says it started in the US and there is a US website, the Japanese Wikipedia says the brand has closed operations in the US.  In Japan, the Seabreeze brand is part of Shiseido and sells bath and body products.  The brand is most well known for its antiseptic with strong menthol.

This product is a liquid with some powder which settles to the bottom.  The powder is supposed to keep you dry. The instructions suggest you shake the bottle well, then pour some in your hand, and then apply the liquid to your underarms. Considering the texture is like water, this method doesn’t work well for me. Instead, I pour some into a small spray bottle.

Easily obtainable at the nearest 100 yen store

Price: varies, I typically pay around 600 JPY (around $7.50)


  • At the time when I started using this product (in the mid-90s), it was the only non-aerosol deodorant available on the market in Japan
  • I love the cooling feeling I get from the menthol. It helps me to stop sweating quickly.
  • Although it contains alcohol, I spray it on my face during the summer.
  • This product comes in a whopping 8 different scents

I typically buy the orange one, which is Soap. The pink one is Peach Cooler.  Why would anyone want to smell like peach?  However, lots of Japanese deodorants smell fruity or florally.


  • The product does not keep me dry all day (Although to be fair, this is not an antiperspirant)

Would I repurchase? Yes, I have repurchased this countless times!

The difference between Japanese and American deodorants is so interesting. In the US, stick deodorants seem to be the most popular (at least, the first 32 search results on Walmart’s website were all stick deodorants). In Japan, aerosol deodorants are by far more popular.  In fact, I’ve never seen a stick deodorant on the market in Japan. 

(8×4 and Ban are two very popular brands. Image from Rakuten)

I’ve also never seen an antiperspirant in Japan.  Although the word for these products is 制汗剤, which means “product which controls sweat”, most products advertise “preventing bad body odor” and not “keeping dry”.  Interesting!

Although it is getting cooler in many parts of the world, it’s still important to control body odor. And please don’t get me started on all those people who think perfume is an acceptable alternative to deodorant…

Hope you enjoyed this review!

xoxo, K

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