Review: Pure Smile Bubble Face Mask in Pearl

This is a review for the Pure Bubble Face Mask in Pearl. This is an easy way to try carbonated masks, which are becoming pretty popular. This is from the same line as the Snake Venom masks which I reviewed recently.

This is sold in bottles, but it is also sold in single use packets as shown above.

What it does: (from the Pure Smile website)
The bubbles improve blood circulation in the face, pushing out toxins and improving the smoothness of the skin.

Price: 2100JPY (around $25 USD) for a 200g bottle, or 105JPY (around $1.25 USD) for a single use package.


  • This is fun to use! Apply it to your wet face, and then the gel will foam up, creating a creamy lather


  • I didn’t really see a difference in my skin after using this.

Would I repurchase? Maybe. This is fun to use, and the single use package makes it a fun extra gift. 

I really wish I could see some benefit from this product! I might be able to see some difference if I continue using this product, but I really would like to see some change after a single use.

xoxo, K

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