Review: Muji Ishikari Nabe set – a traditional hotpot from Hokkaido

My dinners in the winter consist mainly of hotpot. It is a great way to eat hot, tasty, healthy food, and is easy to prepare. Although I typically make my own, I recently purchased a set from Muji to make Ishikari Nabe.

Ishikari Nabe is a traditional hotpot from Hokkaido, which typically includes salmon and vegetables in a miso-based soup. Hokkaido is famous for its salmon and potatoes, and therefore it is quite fitting that a local hotpot would include them.

This set from Muji includes a miso paste which you mix with water to form the soup base. It also includes a packet of kasu (the leftover paste from making sake, often used as a flavoring agent) so that you can enjoy a change in the flavor midway through your hotpot.

My hotpot turned out quite delicious!

The kasu was increased the umami of the hotpot and made this quite delicious! This was a great introduction into a new kind of hotpot, and I want to try and make it from scratch next time!

From Muji Japan, 399JPY (around $5), serves 3-4

Hope you enjoyed this review!

xoxo, K

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