Welcome to Kyoto Gosho – with Jamilla Camel

In late November, Jamilla came to Osaka, and we spent a few days sightseeing together!

Kyoto Gosho (Kyoto Imperial Palace) is an imperial palace, but the Emperor has lived in the Imperial Palace in Tokyo since the mid 19th century. The grounds are open to the public, and there are several interesting buildings to see. The palace itself can be seen through tours which are held multiple times each day – unfortunately, they are not held on Saturdays, Sundays, or public holidays. I did not know this, and therefore Jamilla and I were not able to see the inside!

We were extremely lucky with beautiful weather this day.

Kyoto was packed everywhere we went. Fall is one of the most popular seasons for sightseeing in Japan.

Kenreimon, one of the gates into the palace. 

If you do decide to visit the Imperial Palace, know that you will be asked to provide photo ID if you want to visit the inside.

Hope you enjoyed this brief tour of the Kyoto Imperial Palace!

xoxo, K

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