Review: Lush Fair Trade Honey shampoo – smells strongly of honey

This is a review of the Lush Fair Trade Honey shampoo. I bought this in my Lush UK haul. This product is available in Japan, but only in the largest (310g) size. As I’ve written before, I always buy the smallest size at Lush and other stores because I always want to try different products!

What it does: (from the Lush UK website)
With lashings of honey in here for its lovely effects on the hair – the natural properties of honey also means we didn’t need to put any preservative in this product. 
A shampoo this good deserved the finest of perfumes. So Simon has created a geranium/honey perfume with beeswax absolute, geranium, rose, bergamot and neroli. This is a no expense spared shampoo.

Price: 7 GBP/110g in the UK, 2300 JPY/310g in Japan. I could not find this product on the Lush US website

Scent: To me, this product has a floral scent, but without the sweetness of flowers. It has the herbal, slightly bitter smell of honey. If Lush released a perfume with this scent, I would buy it!


  • This product left my hair feeling moisturized, and cleansed well without stripping my hair
  • As I mentioned above, I like the smell
  • This product is neither too thin nor too thick, and very easy to use


  • Unfortunately, this product left my scalp itching. The itching subsided within a few hours, but I think my scalp reacted to something in the product

Would I repurchase? No. Unfortunately, the itching makes this a definite no! I really liked the scent and wish Lush would release a shower gel instead!

I’m so sad that this product didn’t work for me! I hope it works for you.

Hope you enjoyed this review!

xoxo, K

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