Review: Daiso false eyelashes 1-4

Although I’ve loved false eyelashes for a long time, I’ve recently been wearing them every day. One of the brands I like for cost performance is Daiso’s false eyelashes.

This number 1-4 of the Daiso brand eyelashes. Daiso has several different lines of eyelashes, but I like the ones in this pink packaging the best.

You can see the number of the product on the top right side of each product. Number 1-4 are all crisscross lashes.

Number 1 is the longest of the 4 crisscross lashes. They give a lot of length to your lashes. The watchout for these is that the band is very thick, so I suggest wearing eyeliner to blend the band into your eyelashes.

Number 2 has much shorter lashes. These are almost the same length as my natural lashes, and give me a little bit more volume. These would probably be more appropriate for a conservative workplace.

Number 3 has brown hairs, while the others have black hairs. These are also the shortest lashes. If you want very natural lashes, these are the ones for you.

Number 4 lashes are just a little bit shorter than Number 1, and have a few thick hairs. This is my favorite out of the 4 as they give me a big boost in volume.

Overall pros:

  • The price point is great – 105 yen for each.  Sometimes cleaning false eyelashes is such a pain in the neck, and I don’t feel bad about throwing these out.
  • There are a lot of different designs and I can always find one to fit my mood
  • These last fairly well, and I can use them for about 3-4 uses.  

Overall cons:

  • These eyelashes have synthetic hairs. I find that real hair falsies are much more natural looking
  • The band on these is thick and can be uncomfortable when worn straight of of the box. Be sure to bend them a few times to soften them

These are slightly long for my eyes, and I cut off a little bit from the inner corners.  In comparison, Ardell lashes are exactly the right length for my eyes and I can wear them straight out of the box (Aredells are also super comfortable and fantastic looking!)

Would I repurchase?  Yes, I have repurchased these many times.

Hope you enjoyed this review! A review of the remaining products in this line are coming up soon!

xoxo, K

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