Welcome to Nagasaki Peace Park

While I was in Hakata, I decided to take a day trip to Nagasaki. Nagasaki is famous in Japan for quite a few things – mostly for being the site of the second nuclear bombing during World War II, and for being a major port city from the 16th century.

If you take the Shinkansen from Hakata, be sure to sit in the “A” seat (window seat on the left hand side) so that you’ll see this beautiful view of Ariake sea. Ariake is known for producing the highest quality nori, although it suffers from increased pollution in recent years.

The major mode of transportation in Nagasaki is the street car system.

As I mentioned before, Nagasaki was the site of the second nuclear bombing of Japan during World War II.  Because of the historical importance of this city, many high school students go to Nagasaki on school trips. I met quite a few while I was there.

If you look at this statue’s face, you can see that his features are distinctly Japanese.

There are several stories about people suffering from thirst immediately after the atomic bomb, due to the intense radiation. This fountain is a memory to those people.

This monument shows the “Ground Zero” of the bomb. 

There are also a few museums in the surrounding area, with artifacts showing the impact of the bomb.  If you have a chance to come to Nagasaki, please come and visit this area!

xoxo, K

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