Welcome to Hakata, Fukuoka – Sumiyoshi Shrine and Ohori Park

Continuing my trip in Hakata, I next went to Sumiyoshi Shrine. Along with Sumiyoshi Taisha in Osaka and Sumiyoshi Shrine in Shimonoseki city, this shrine is considered one of the 3 major Sumiyoshi shrines in Japan.

Because I went during Shichi-Go-San, there were lots of families having their children blessed. Shichi-Go-San is a festival for children to celebrate their growth.

I next went to Ohori Park. This park was once the outer moat for Fukuoka Castle (which no longer exists), and is basically a huge lake with some small islands in the middle.

It was just amazing to see this huge body of water in the middle of a major city!

This bridge takes you to 2 small islands in the middle of the lake.

There were many people running along the outer edge of the lake, including students in sports teams. The track was probably around 3 km.  I would run every day along that track if I could!

Next up – my trip to Nagasaki!

xoxo, K

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