Review: Lush Mr Punch soap – Fruit punch in the winter

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This is a review of the Lush Mr Punch soap. I bought this as part of my haul from Lush UK. As I mentioned before, you can buy Lush products online at Lush UK and have them shipped anywhere in the world. The Mr. Punch soap is a limited edition product for the holidays.

What it does: (from the Lush UK website)
Here we come a wassailing with our summer punch soap of juniper berries, gin, blackcurrant absolute and lime oil. 
What would happen if you left a bowl of punch from your summer garden party out on the lawn in the freezing winter? Well, Mr Punch would happen, that’s what – a bowl of fruity punch frozen in time!

Scent: fruity and spicy without being sweet. This scent is a nice change since fruity scents are usually very sweet.

Price: 3.75 GBP/100g in the UK, $6.95/3.5oz in the US. This product has not been released in Japan.


  • I like the scent
  • This product did not leave my skin feeling dry, although I still needed a moisturizer. If I were to use this product in the summer, I may have been able to skip the moisturizer.
  • Lathers well, as do all Lush soaps


  • This product is topped with dried blueberries. As I mentioned in a previous Lush review, I really dislike having pieces of food in my soap. I ended up cutting a few millimeters off of the top of this product to remove the blueberries.

Would I repurchase? Maybe. I would probably repurchase this if it did not have the blueberries, and if it were a permanent product. During the holidays, there are other products I want to try!

Hope you enjoyed this review! This is the last of the Lush holiday products that I bought. I hope you enjoy my other reviews as well!

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