Review: Shiseido TISS Deep Off cleansing oil – removes blackheads too!

This is a review for the Shiseido TISS Deep Off cleansing oil.  I bought this when I was in Japan.

Cleansing oils are very popular in Japan.  Most of my friends use oils to remove makeup, and I also have used oils since I was in high school.

What it does: (from Shiseido’s website, translated by K)

Clean your pores when you remove your makeup daily. If you massage your face with this oil, you can remove blackheads. This product will thoroughly remove hard-to-remove makeup, and will rinse clean without leaving residue behind.

How to use:  
First of all, do NOT get your hands wet!  When this product touches water, it will become white.  At that point, it loses its ability to remove makeup or debris.  (Note: There are some cleansing oils that you can use when your hands or face are slightly wet. TISS also makes one)

Take some of the product and rub it into your face, massaging it into your makeup.  Once you feel that your makeup has emulsified, rinse your face.

TISS also mentions that you can use this as a massaging oil to remove blackheads.  I have found that this works very well. If I massage this oil into my nose for about 2-3 minutes, I can feel gunk coming out of my pores.  Remember to use clean oil and a clean face for this – do not use the oil still on your face after removing your makeup!!

Price: Shiseido’s website suggests 1260 JPY (about $16), but it is easy to find this for a much cheaper price at a Japanese drugstore. Sasa has this for $16.40.  ($16 may look very expensive, but it is a pretty normal price in Japan for a drugstore product)


  • This removes makeup very well, including waterproof makeup
  • This makeup remover rinses clean without leaving behind any residue. This is always a watch out with any cleansing oil
  • This does a great job of removing blackheads


  • Be careful using this near your eyes, especially if you wear contacts.  It didn’t sting on my eyes, but I don’t want it on my contacts.
  • Shiseido suggests that you should use 4 pumps of this oil to cleanse your face. I personally think this is too much

Would you repurchase? Yes, this is probably the only makeup remover that I have repurchased multiple times.

As I mentioned before, I really enjoy using cleansing oils. I haven’t used any other type of makeup remover since high school. TISS is probably my favorite one that I’ve tried!

Hope you enjoyed this review!

xoxo, K

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3 thoughts on “Review: Shiseido TISS Deep Off cleansing oil – removes blackheads too!”

  1. I love, love using cleansing oils to remove black heads and sebum plugs! My favorite one is the Kose Softymo Speedy or maybe the Juju Aquamoist one. It’s a tie. I tend to go for the cheaper ones just because I go through them quickly! Does this one have a scent?

  2. Great review :)) I use cleansing oils as well. I’m currently using Amore Treatment Oil 🙂

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