Review: Muji Aging Care Premium lotion – somewhere between a serum and a lotion

This is a review of the Muji Aging Care Premium lotion.

After coming back to Japan, I realized that the seasons are rapidly changing. When I came back to Japan in mid-September, it was so hot and humid that I could not stay outside during the day. It has only been 2 weeks since then, and yet the nights are cold enough that I feel chilly in short sleeves.

At the same time, I realized that my skin has gotten a lot of damage over the past 2 years. I’m not sure if it is caused by stress, the environment in China, or age, but I will try my best to recover during the short time that I’m in Japan!

What it does: (From Muji’s website)
Concentrated care for skin which suffers from dryness or aging. Has a premium feeling similar to serums. Contains 10 natural ingredients for such as pomegranate and raspberry, as well as 5 ingredients for better skin such as hyaluronic acid and collagen.

Price: 2000 JPY for 200ml, about $25.50.  This may look REALLY expensive, but in Japan, it is only slightly higher than normal prices that I would pay at the drugstore.

I use this in my lotion mask routine. As mentioned in the product claim, this is a very thick lotion, so I like to dilute it with distilled water before applying it to my skin. As the weather gets drier and colder in the winter, I’ll probably start using this product by itself.


  • This product does a great job in moisturizing my skin, leaving it very plump.
  • Apparently this product does not contain fragrances.  It does have a slight scent, which to me smells like grapefruit peel.
  • The packaging has an inner cap with a small hole in it so that I can control the amount of product I pour out


  • The price is slightly more expensive than other products at Muji
  • I would not use this product during the summer or if you have oily skin

Would I repurchase? Maybe. This is a nice product if you have dry skin.  If this product was closer to 1500 yen, I’m sure it would be more popular!

Hope you enjoyed this review!  What other Muji products would you like to try?

xoxo, K

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