Review: MUJI Blend Essential Oil in Relax – How I kept my sanity while in China

This is a review for the MUJI Blend Essential Oil in Relax. I bought this when I was in Japan.

MUJI is a Japanese brand that focuses on minimalist designs. They produce stationery, makeup and skin care, food, clothing, kitchen appliances, furniture, and many other things. MUJI, originally “Mujirushi Ryohin (無印良品)” means “No Brand Quality Goods.” MUJI brand items do not have marks or designs to distinguish them; you can see the bottle above is very minimalistic.

MUJI has been one of my favorite brands for a very long time. Their stationery was a staple for me throughout my school years.  They also have many interesting prepackaged foods which I will review soon.

MUJI also has stores outside of Japan, such as in the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Turkey, US, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Poland, Portugal, and the Philippines. In many of these countries, MUJI also has an online shop.

What it does: (from Muji US’s online store)
Use with aroma accessories or add a few drops to refresh potpourri. Do not apply oils directly to skin.  Sweet Orange, French Lavender, Rosewood, Geranium

Price: 1470 JPY in Japan, $12.95 in the US.  1470 JPY = $18.50.  Someone explain to me why this is more nearly 50% more expensive in Japan???


  • Although this is labeled as a Floral-Citrus scent, the floral scent is not overpowering. I personally think it is more woodsy, and it is definitely not sweet.
  • This scent reminds me of sitting in the woods.  It has really helped me relax over these past 2 years
  • 10 ml is a very small bottle, but since I only need to use a few drops each time, this bottle has lasted me for a very long time


  • The price may seem a little high, but essential oils in Japan are usually more expensive than this

Would I repurchase: YES.  I’m also eager to try out MUJI’s other essential oils.

Just as I reviewed lots of LUSH products previously, now I am excited to review lots of MUJI products!  When I go shopping in Kobe, I usually walk along one street, because it has LUSH, MUJI, and several drugstores.  Please take a look at the MUJI website and let me know if there is anything you would like me to review. If you can read Japanese (or you have a good translation software), please head over to the MUJI Japan website – some products, especially food, are only sold in Japan.

Hope you enjoyed this review!

xoxo, K

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3 thoughts on “Review: MUJI Blend Essential Oil in Relax – How I kept my sanity while in China”

  1. I need to go sniff this! I’m always looking for nice blends, and overall the markup on essential oils in Japan is pretty high. Would be interesting in reviews of the skin care products and/or makeup too.

  2. I am so happy to hear that you will be reviewing MUJI products! I was in the store last month (willing to bet it is the same one you go to in Kobe), and very tempted by some of the lipsticks, but didn’t get any! So any reviews would be very helpful!

  3. There used to be a Muji store in Nottingham but they left! I relied on the their little bottles, jars, and stackables when I was at the London College of Fashion for my makeup course!

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