Review: My Scheming Pentadecpeptide + Amino Mask

This is a review for the My Scheming Pentadecpeptide + Amino Mask.  I bought this in Hong Kong. My Scheming is a Taiwanese brand that is popular for their sheet masks.

What it does: (all grammar errors are as on the package)
The Pentadecpeptide+amino mask is a highly effective mask which main ingredient is argireline, additionally, peptide and matrixyl is added. The tiny element of argireline is easy to be absorbed by skin, which smoothens and reduces wrinkles, and restrains aging. It possesses mult-effects which renews your face with lighting and sheeny skin, removes wrinkles and enhance firming, moisturizes and protects skin. You will find your face become young, mind, bright, and white after long-term usage. 

Cost: $15-20 online


  • This is a thin mask that is fully saturated with serum. 
  • The serum is not too thick, and I can use this in the summer without fear of breakouts
  • Provides a good amount of hydration. I could probably use this in the winter as well
  • Smells slightly like medicine, but the smell is not strong or offensive  
  • Minimal cut outs, which I find provides a better fit to my face. I don’t like masks with too many cut outs.


  • Like all such products, I think that there is not enough product to decide whether this product removes wrinkles.  Besides, hydration is always effective to reduce small wrinkles

Would I repurchase?  Yes, I liked this mask!

It is very rare that I use up an entire box of sheet masks. I usually buy sampler packs where I can try out different kinds of masks, or I buy a box and give away most of them as gifts. I’m glad I tried this mask, and I’m looking forward to trying more My Scheming masks next time I’m in Hong Kong or Taiwan!

What is your favorite brand of sheet masks? Hope you enjoyed this review!

xoxo, K

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6 thoughts on “Review: My Scheming Pentadecpeptide + Amino Mask”

  1. I have a few my scheming masks i have not yet tried out ( i really like the matte packaging so i dont want to open them yet XD), at the moment my favourite is the silk whitia ones… but as a cheaper alternative, i like the MBD ones :3

  2. I have been wanting to try out the My Scheming Masks for awhile…heard they are better than My Beauty Diary! I love Silk Whitia but those are expensive…My fav is MBD Apple Polyphenol 🙂

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