Review: Ecotools Bamboo Bronzer brush – can you believe it’s $10???

This is a review of the Ecotools Bamboo Bronzer brush. I bought this while I was in New York.

What it does: (from the Ecotools website)
Create a natural-looking, sun-kissed glow with this beauty editor favorite! Our widely-acclaimed bronzer brush features soft, cruelty-free taklon bristles, a recycled aluminum ferrule and heavy bamboo handle. This brush is packaged in our zip-top, reusable pouch.

Price: $10.  Yes, really. 


  • I love the quality of this brush!  The bristles are VERY soft!
  • This is a great, dense brush.  I use this is either as a kabuki brush to apply bronzer on large areas of my face, or as a powder brush
  • I also love using this to apply a sheer layer of foundation.  During the summer, I don’t want anything heavy on my skin!
  • As with all the other Ecotools products I have used before, this product is cruelty-free. I also love that they use bamboo for the handle – a very sustainable material!
  • Very affordable!  Please don’t think this is a good brush for the price – it is a great brush no matter the price.  The price is just an added bonus!


  • The head of this brush is PRETTY big. I wouldn’t try to use this for detailed application.
  • As with all kabuki brushes, this brush takes some effort to wash because of the density of the bristles. It also takes a long time to dry

Would I repurchase? YES!  This is a fabulous brush.  It has been my go-to foundation brush since I bought it in New York.

In general, I think Ecotools has some great brushes. I love this brush much more than some of my brushes which were 4 times the price! I’m really looking forward to trying some other Ecotools brushes out next time I’m in the US. Have you tried any of the Ecotools brushes?

Hope you enjoyed this review!

xoxo, K

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11 thoughts on “Review: Ecotools Bamboo Bronzer brush – can you believe it’s $10???”

  1. I love Ecotools brushes too. Please let me know if there are any you are really lemming and I’ll pick it up for you and will send it in the huge package that I have waiting for your return to Japan.

  2. I love this brush, have been using it for the past 2 years. sadly the brush head fell off earlier this year. despite this, still a great brush for powder application in the morn at such an affordable price!!!!

  3. wow! $10.00! That’s a great deal!!! I have tried the Ecotools brush sets and they’re always nice to take them for travel

  4. I love this brush! I use it for my mineral foundation and it works great. The long drying time is a problem though, so I drilled a hole through the handle and can now hang it to dry and also swing it around so it sheds more water after I wash it.

  5. I like the quality of Ecotools brushes in general. Some of their sets don’t work for me simply because the brushes are not the ones I would use daily. But they are still good brushes!

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