Why 95% of my blog posts are scheduled posts

This blog post is heavily inspired by this article by Beautyholics Anonymous.

You may have noticed that I have a regular schedule when it comes to blog posts. Typically, I post 3 times a week – a non-review post (sometime unrelated to beauty) on Monday, a review on Wednesday, and a Weekly Reads on Friday or Saturday. Most of these are scheduled posts, which I rely on heavily.



Why do I always schedule my blog posts?  I have 3 major reasons.

1. I’m a perfectionist and cannot publish a blog post without proofreading it

I typically write a blog post, save it as a draft, and proofread it again before publishing. This helps me catch a lot of typos and awkward phrases. I am a native English speaker, but I have not lived in the US for over 15 years, and I sometimes make strange mistakes. This helps me to catch them before I publish a blog post.

There are also some times when I edit and I realize that I forgot to mention something in the blog post. By proofreading at a later time, I can catch these mistakes before publishing the blog post.

2. Scheduling helps me to provide content on a regular schedule

Every blogger has probably gone through times when they are brimming with inspiration, when they can write blog post after blog post of interesting content. On the other hand, we have all probably had writer’s block as well. As every “how to write a good blog” article mentions, it is important to provide regular posts. By writing articles when I am inspired, I have blog post drafts that I can then edit and space out as scheduled posts.

3. The weekends are my only “private time”

Many of you know that I typically work 12 hours a day, or somewhere near that. I wake up at 5 AM, and try to go to bed by 10 PM.  Everything that I do related to my blog tends to happen on weekends, including taking pictures and editing them, writing blog posts, and commenting on other blogs. If I want to post any more frequently than once per week, scheduled posts help me to do so.

If you are a blogger, do you do scheduled posts? Or, do you post as you write?

xoxo, K

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15 thoughts on “Why 95% of my blog posts are scheduled posts”

  1. I write lots of drafts, whenever I have time/inspiration, and save them as drafts – but I usually publish them live rather than scheduling.  I’m not really sure why though. I don’t really see an advantage one way or the other; I’m pre-writing either way!

  2. I usually schedule posts for the morning because I usually end up finishing blog writing around midnight ish and it just seems better because then I can quickly check whether it needs editing after a nights sleep.

    I hope you’re not burning yourself out. 12 hour days sound GRUELLING.

  3. Ella and I have been thinking of scheduling posts as well but so far we have been having a hard time planning posts ahead. I totally agree with everything said here, so we should really try scheduling as well!

  4. Scheduled posts – definitely!! It lets me spend evenings and weekends writing up and perfecting posts, so that during the week I can relax and pay attention to work, Twitter, sales…

    I do “compose at the keyboard” from time to time, but that’s probably about a post a week, as well. When something new is released and I can photo it immediately, I’ll shuffle things about; but otherwise, I’ve got a big backlog of posts that are ready to go with minimal intervention from me. (Currently I have posts scheduled out through October. It’s both a proud accomplishment for a perfectionist…and kind of unnerving.)

  5. I *try* to schedule posts because otherwise I have a somewhat erratic posting schedule… but then when I actually schedule posts I get excited and really want to publish them. *sigh*…

  6.  Wow, posts until October!?  I don’t have enough products to last me that long! Hopefully, once I get back to Japan, I’ll have different posts to write!

    I also completely agree about reshuffling. If I went somewhere and took pictures, I’ll reshuffle my schedule so that I can get the pictures up quickly!

  7. I understand – pre-writing is the important part. I’m so busy at work during the week that I even forget I have a blog, so scheduling posts is really important!

  8. I always try to schedule posts, i.e. write a bunch beforehand and space them out but it’s been a bit hard for me lately as I’m a bit stuck on inspiration and I’ve been travelling quite a bit so I’ve been lacking that peace and quiet necessary for writing loads. But I’m a fan of scheduled posts for all the reasons you stated…great way to catch typos and awkward phrasing, and to consider if it is really a good post to publish.

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