Weekly Reads #62: June 9, 2012

How is everyone’s week going?  There have been so many great blog posts recently that my Weekly Reads has been getting longer!

  • Are high SPF sunscreens safe?, via Future Derm.  Please, please wear sunscreen! 
  • How to get through wisdom teeth extraction, via not martha. My wisdom teeth have grown in smoothly, but I’ve had teeth taken out before, so I understand…
  • What not to wear during the first week of work, via Wardrobe Oxygen. During the first week of work, not only will you not “get” what is OK in your workplace, you will also be meeting a lot of upper management.  First impressions are important!
  • Beauty regiment for long haul flights, via Lisa Eldridge (Youtube). I don’t do anything this intense, but I really should do more to hydrate my skin on the plane!!
  • A comparison between deep cleansing brushes (Clarisonic, Olay, Neutrogena, and Proactiv), via 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic. A great read if you are wondering which one to buy. I have the Clarisonic and from the reviews I’ve read, this is the best choice for me! 
  • The hidden cost of coupons, via Macheesmo.  I only use coupons for products that I would buy anyway. Otherwise, it is a waste of money!  The same goes for Buy 1 Get 1 sales.
  • Tortilla Rollups, via Pioneer Woman.  These look like a fun and delicious choice if you have lunch or cocktail guests!
  • iPhone external battery, via not martha. Do you have an external battery? My battery does not last the whole day if I keep 3G on!

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Reads #62: June 9, 2012”

  1. This was a very informative post!

    I have 2 Clarisonics–Plus and Mia and love both. Don’t think that I will bother trying any of the other ones out there.

    I have a small plug-in battery pack for my iPhone (you plug it into the spot where your charger normally plugs in). I had read about the morphie one before and had been a bit curious about it but thanks to not martha’s post, I have better information about it. I just ordered two from Amazon. I like that it charges a bunch of other items and that it has long charge life. One will be given to my brother–he’s the one who gave me the small one.

  2.  Thank you for your comment!

    Is it worth having both the Mia and the Plus? What’s the difference?

    I’m still thinking about whether or not to get a battery pack. They are quite expensive!

  3. Very useful and interesting posts!

    I loved lisa elridge’s video and never thought of using long haul flights as pampering time. This time I go home I am definitely going to try it out xD

    The bf recently got an external battery for iphone but it’s stopped working…it was wonderful because it had all these different attachment heads and a built in torch…but it just stopped working (he’s only had a month) so I think he needs to return it…I’m not sure what brand it is but it’s really disappointing!

  4. I’ve just watched Lisa’s video, I don’t know if I could be bothered to do all that. The longest flights I’ve ever been on were 10 hours so I don’t consider that long haul. 

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