Up and Down #24: June 2012

Memorial Day has passed, so that means that it’s officially the start of summer for Americans!  In Japan, June is the rainy season – days and days of endless rain.  I’d say that in Japan, summer starts in mid July.  On the other hand, September is fall for most Americans, but in Japan, it’s definitely hot until the end of September!

On to my Ups and Downs!

Ups: There are lots of makeup favorites this month – I have been having a blast playing with the stuff I bought in New York!

Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation for Combination/Oily skin
A lot of people say that this is a heavy foundation. I like to sheer it out with…

Ecotools Bamboo Bronzer Brush
This is soft, made well, and is cheap – $10! I highly recommend this brush!  I like to use this as a kabuki brush. I run it under the faucet, squeeze out the excess water, and buff in my foundation for a sheer finish. This is a HUGE brush – the head is as big as the apple of my cheek.  For detailed foundation application, such as under my eyes, I use…
Sephora Pro Concealer Airbrush #57
I had been thinking of buying the much hyped #55 foundation brush for a while. Joey suggested I buy this instead, and it’s definitely a LOVE!

One more brush this month…

MAC 211 eyeliner brush
I have been looking for a brush for gel eyeliner for a while. I wanted something pointed, something that was soft on my eyes, yet able to draw eyeliner either thick or thin.  Too picky? I thought so too, but then I found this brush!

Getting back in to running
I admit, this has been hard. I feel better when I run, so I have been trying. The Couch to 5k app has helped a lot (I use this one, but there are several on iTunes).
My weekday schedule, when I can manage it, looks like this:
                            6:30 PM – leave work
                            7:10-7:30 PM – arrive at home
                            7:30 PM – eat dinner (in a hurry)
                            8:00 PM – run
                            8:40 PM – shower, get ready for tomorrow, wind down
                            10:00 PM – try to sleep
I wake up at 5 AM and leave home at 6:30 AM for work. I have found that when I run at night, even with 6-7 hrs of sleep, I wake up VERY tired. I’ll have to figure out something that works for me.
Downs: Crap to deal with at work. Everyone has this sometimes, right?  But hey, at least there aren’t any products which I bought in the US that don’t work for me!

How was your May?

xoxo, K

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4 thoughts on “Up and Down #24: June 2012”

  1. Love all of the brushes that you’re loving. I’m going to have to try it too.

    Tiredness is probably partially a result of stress–stress that is happening from the crap at work. Yes, we all go through that and we just have to ride it out. Sending good thoughts your way.

  2. Wonderful that you are loving the things you hauled in the US! I am also going to have to try the brushes! Particularly interested in getting the eyeliner brush! Maybe will pick it up at duty free this summer…

    Your schedule sure sounds hectic. You run after eating? Do you not get a stitch(cramp)? :O

    Sorry to hear that you have been dealing with crap at work 🙁

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