Dragon Boat Festival and what to eat

This past weekend was Dragon Boat Festival, which is a public holiday here in China since 2008.  It is a day to eat Zongzi (rice wrapped in bamboo leaves with yummy things inside).

I blogged about this festival last year as well. In Northern China, most people like to eat sweet zongzi, which contain things such as red bean paste or whole jujubes.  In Southern China, most people enjoy savory zongzi, containing meat or chestnuts.

In Japan, there is a similar food called chimaki.  Chuka chimaki (literally, “Chinese Zongzi”. the character for chimaki and zongzi is the same, “粽”) is always savory – I have never had sweet chimaki in Japan. 

Many people buy zongzi, but someone gifted me a bag of homemade ones!

This person gave me like 20 of these, that his mother made!  How thoughtful!

Some of them contained red bean paste, like this one. Others contained whole jujubes.

Last year, I posted that I prefer savory ones. I have since learned that since most people don’t eat/make the savory ones where I live, the sweet ones tend to be tastier.  Just another example of how local food is usually better!

Hope you enjoyed this peek into my life!

xoxo, K

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4 thoughts on “Dragon Boat Festival and what to eat”

  1. Oooo can’t beat homemade!  20?? Wow, they’re going to last your forever!

    My only experience with sweet ones is that they’re actually not sweet themselves except for the red dates or red bean paste? My grandma who lives in england occasionally made them (she’s from the north), and used to make those ones…to eat I was instructed to sprinkle them with white sugar..and they’re surprisingly much nicer with the crunch of granulated sugar!

  2. I love homemade one ^__^ Oh, that makes sense! haha, i never understood why my ex & his family liked eating sweet ones… they were from Xi’an… i like mine savory!! 

  3. I didn’t even know that they came in sweet! My whole life I’ve only had the savoury ones. My grandma used to make these but because no1 in my family are really fans of it, it has largely disappeared from our household along with mooncake.

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