Review: MeMeMe Lash Attack Mascara – the mascara in the zebra print tube!

This is a review of the MeMeMe Lash Attack Mascara. I got this in the UK.

What it does: (from
Ker-Pow! Attack those lashes to give them incredible length and definition. Formulated with fibre-lash technology to create high impact lashes every time. 

This is a fiber mascara with a traditional fiber wand. The fibers are supposed to add length to your lashes.

Price: 7.50 GBP, about 12 USD.


  • This was a very dark mascara
  • The fibers did a good job in lengthening my lashes


  • This mascara smudged under my eyes! I had dark smudges under my eyes after about 8 hrs of wear.
  • This is also a very wet mascara. If you close your eyes before the mascara has dried fully, it will leave marks under your eyes.

Would I repurchase? No.  Smudging is a major no-no for me!  I also don’t like wet mascaras because not only are they difficult to work with, they also make my lashes clump together.

Unfortunately, I’m still looking for a great, inexpensive mascara. What are your favorites?

xoxo, K

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2 thoughts on “Review: MeMeMe Lash Attack Mascara – the mascara in the zebra print tube!”

  1. I’d reccomend checking out the MUA range if you’re looking for something cheap but decent quality. I’m totally new to mascara so I bought the MUA lengthening mascara for just £2 (who wants to spend a lot of money on something when they don’t know if they’ll use it right?) and so far its been great. Its very dry too so it doesn’t smudge, although the wand is massive which does make it a little hard to control. 

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