Weight Loss: Spring

It’s spring!!  Well, at least it is spring at the supermarket…  It actually snowed this past weekend. Snow in mid-March, can you believe it?

I know that the main reason why I’ve gained weight since moving to China is because I don’t eat healthily. I checked my past posts on food – I used to do a post every month or 2 on something I had cooked, but I don’t do that anymore. I don’t enjoy cooking here, and because of this, I haven’t been eating well.  I eat a lot more processed foods than I did when I lived in Japan, as well as a lot more carbs. The topic of these posts has gone from “weight loss” to “not getting sick so often.”

Anyway, there is more produce at my local supermarket! I tweeted several times that in the winter, there really aren’t many kinds of fruits or vegetables available. It makes eating healthy very, very difficult.  I’m sure that if I went to the local market to buy produce, I could get fresher things, but it’s hard to do when you have a full time job.  But that’s changing! I am so, so happy!!

I also got back into running. I skipped running 2 weekends ago because I had a serious cold, but I’m well enough to run again! Someone suggested I try to run during the week. I’m not sure if I can actually do that since I work 11-12 hours every day.

Hopefully, with fresh produce available at my supermarket, and more exercise, I’ll get healthy again!! 

And to all of you that live in a country where you can get fresh produce year round – you have no idea how lucky you are!!

xoxo, K

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