Weekly Reads #49: February 17, 2012

  • 2011 Beauty Product Fails, via emilynoel83. Several other blogs/youtubers have posted the products that they most disliked last year, but I like Emily because she can give negative reviews in a professional way.
  • Allie’s experience with Jewelmint and Stylemint, via Wardrobe Oxygen. Please have a look if you are interested in these two subscription programs – this is the first blog post that I’ve seen that are critical of these two sites.
  • Cheesy Jalapeno Pull Bread, via Simply Recipes. This looks like a great snack to share with friends.
  • Ice cream for cheats like me, via Worship at the House of Blues. My mother used to do this when we lived in the US. Unsweetened matcha works better since vanilla ice cream is very sweet.
  • Red wine syrup, via Macheesmo. Oh dear, this looks like a great appetizer.

xoxo, K

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Reads #49: February 17, 2012”

  1. I think people fear speaking ill of these sites because they want the free stuff, they want the referral credits. Same as back when all the flash sales arrived – all people did was talk about how awesome they were in hopes to get referral credits, bot admitting poor service, not that good of sale prices, etc.  We’ll see how people are feeling about JewelMint in a year or two… I hope they get more consistent with their quality.

  2. I highlighted your review for exactly this reason – because you weren’t afraid to talk about the things that were not good about this site. Every product and every site has its pros and cons, and I feel that sharing this info openly helps readers to make an informed decision. 

    Again, thank you for your honest review!

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